What makes our coffee special?

We pride ourselves on using carefully selected beans that guarantee quality. Our gentle drum roasting process preserves the aromas, and our innovative strength enables unique coffee creations. You will feel our love for coffee in every cup. Welcome to a coffee roasting company that combines quality, gentleness and innovation.

Quality of the beans

If you want to do something right, do it yourself! That's why we pay particular attention to quality and origin when selecting coffee beans. We make no compromises when selecting our beans. We check each batch for its quality, degree of ripeness and taste characteristics.

Our gentle roasting process

Our passion for great coffee is reflected in our gentle drum roasting process. In our rotating drum, the beans are heated gently and evenly, allowing them to develop their full flavor potential without overheating or burning. The result is the perfect balance of acidity, sweetness and bitterness to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Our drum roasting process honors the unique origins of each bean and makes coffee a sensory pleasure.

Unique creations

With us, innovation and passion come together. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of traditional roasting and creating unique coffee creations that delight your senses.
Our team is always looking for new ways to roast and refine coffee. We use state-of-the-art technology and develop innovative roasting profiles to get the best out of each type of bean. The result is unique coffee creations that you won't find anywhere else.